I specialized in Baking & Pastry Arts because for me gastronomy has always been a work of art where you can modify recipes as long as you have knowledge of the techniques.

On the other hand, baking and pastry is a completely exact science. I wanted to dedicate a few years to know that science in depth, while I continued exploring the world of gastronomy.


Italian cuisine has always been one of my greatest interests, so I decided to study in depth everything that represents that culture from the south of the country, in Puglia.

During my stay in Italy I learned region by region about its culture, cuisine and one of my favorite parts, the wine.


In my years in New York I worked in different restaurants, bars and caterings.

Within those jobs I was with a restaurant group that I am very proud to have been part of: Union Square Hospitality Group.

Where I not only learned about food and beverage, but I learned exactly what a successful business needs to have, the right employees and how to keep them happy so that we can grow together…