I studied at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in NY, since I was very young I liked cooking, I was very interested in the more creative and artistic things, however, I had never given me the opportunity to see it as a career.

The university gives you two options to enter Culinary Arts or Baking & Pastry Arts, I chose B&P because I was always very good at doing everything that has to do with desserts, however, they taught us the basics of EVERYTHING including savory foods, wines, service, etc.


The wine class was the one with the reputation of being the most difficult and the one that most failed several times.

When I took that class I loved seeing how a glass of wine could have so much history behind it. When I graduated from B&P, I had the option of pursuing a business degree focused on some area of the industry.

I decided to pursue 2 business degrees, one focused on wine, spirits & hospitality and the other on Italian cuisine.


For Italian cuisine I went to the south of Italy to study and learn about the culture and food of each region, where I worked and learned a lot.

When I studied wine and beverages I went to Napa Valley, this was one of the most challenging things I have ever experienced but I learned a lot about the history of wines around the world, to taste and experience the differences, as well as the ways of creating wine in Europe vs. America, among many other particularities.

There I also learned about the world of spirits and cocktails.